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It takes some red to make some green

As you are probably aware, we have had a significant shift in market sentiment over the last couple weeks.  In particular, yesterday saw over an 1,100 point decline in the US markets on the DOW.  We thought we would send out a note to help provide some insight to clients who may be questioning what… Read more »

VPI Canadian Equity Pool Newsletter – December 2017

December 2017 VPI Canadian Equity Pool – Growth Through Business Ownership To read the complete newsletter click here

U.S. Impact on VPI Canadian Equity Pool

The more global the economy becomes, the more events far from home can affect the companies in the VPI Portfolios.  Here are two stories about how U.S. President Donald Trump – specifically with his newly-passed tax cuts and hard line stance on NAFTA negotiations – is having an impact on the VPI Canadian Equity Pool…. Read more »

Bank of Canada Keeps Benchmark interest rate steady at 1%

The Bank of Canada has decided to keep its benchmark lending rate steady at one percent, pausing after two small hikes earlier this year. To read an update on the budget click here.

Bank of Canada eases up on rate-hike accelerator

The bank of Canada indicated it’s in no rush to cool an economy that is very close to running up against capacity constraints, citing a long list of worries ranging from gains in the Canadian dollar to risks associated with growing protectionism in the US. To read the entire article click here.