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Family meetings emerging as a new facet of financial planning

We take a very holistic approach and have a documentation system for our clients to assist with organizing their estate affairs similar to the concepts outlined in this article. To read more about family meetings and ideas to support your financial/estate planning needs click here.

Working with an advisor helps focus spending, saving balance

Balancing current spending with long-term saving goals is easier with a financial advisor according to a new survey. American financial services firm Northwest Mutual’s survey by Harris Poll asked adults in the general population about their financial goals and how working with a financial advisor can help. To read an update on the budget click here.

Bank of Canada raises benchmark interest rate to 1.5%

The Bank of Canada has decided to raise it’s benchmark interest rate to 1.5% noting trade tensions. To read an update on the budget click here.

Bank Owned Royal Mutual Funds reprimanded for violating sales practice rule

An Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) hearing panel has approved a settlement with Toronto-based Royal Mutual Funds Inc., in which the mutual fund dealer will pay more than $1 million to settle allegations that it contravened the mutual fund sales practices rule by paying reps higher commissions to sell its proprietary funds, the OSC announced on… Read more »

VPI Canadian Equity Pool Newsletter – April 2018

April 2018 VPI Canadian Equity Pool – Growth Through Business Ownership To read the complete newsletter click here