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Insure your stay-at-home spouse

BY Golda Brown July 4, 2014 Insuring your stay-at-home spouse can seem like a waste of money because he or she doesn’t earn a paycheque that would be lost if tragedy struck. Yet, if they died, you would be left scrambling to cover funeral and other costs during a time of grieving. Your stay-at-home spouse… Read more »

Current Perspectives – Greek Update

There has been a lot of media “noise” regarding the situation in Greece and how this may affect investors.  We are continuing to monitor developments with the asset managers and will continue to post relevant information as the situation unfolds.   This article from TD provides additional feedback and is consistent with our opinion on the… Read more »

Could This Be The Start of Another Tech Bubble?

Perhaps we have seen this movie before… In a time when tech stocks are experiencing significant appreciation in their share price with little to no net income, many other companies who have sustainable earnings and provide stable growth in the dividends they pay their shareholders are not experiencing the same level of growth on their… Read more »

2015 Federal Budget: A Balance in Hand is Worth Two in the Bush

This report is provided by TD Economics. reprinted with permission Highlights • Oil prices have dominated the headlines throughout the 2015 budget season. And with national income growth expected to be soft in the near term, the coffers of federal government were not able to escape without a few scratches. • Despite this setback, the… Read more »

2015 Budget Bulletin

The 2015 Federal Budget was the first for Finance Minister Joe Oliver, and it tabled a number of proposals that will impact the financial, tax and estate plans of Canadians. The following is a summary of the most relevant budget proposals that may impact financial advisors and their clients. Federal Tax Rates There are no… Read more »