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VPI Canadian Equity Pool Newsletter

Please click on the link below that will take you to the VPI Canadian Equity Pool Newsletter for March 2016. VPI Canadian Equity Newsletter  What You Own –  CIBC  What You Don’t Own – AutoCanada  Don’t Own The Index, Own Great Businesses      

2016 Federal Budget

By: Jamie Golombek, CPA,CA,CFP,CLU,TEP| March 22,2016 Reposted with permission Renaissance Investments   The March 22, 2016 federal budget (“Budget 2016”) included a number of tax measures that will impact Canadian taxpayers. This report, which was prepared from within the budget lock-up in Ottawa, will focus on the tax measures that are of most interest to individuals… Read more »

Of Tantrum & Policy

Courtesy Worldsource Financial Management Over the past few years, we have adopted many new words and phrases, introduced to us by policy makers, economists and the media including, “European Debt Crisis”, “Debt Ceiling”, “Fiscal Cliff”, “Sequester”, and finally “Tapering”. These are all economic and political events that have served to shape and constrain the landscape… Read more »

How High is Too High?

The following commentary is courtesy of Cardinal Capital Management Inc., the sub-advisor for the VPI Canadian Equity Pool and the VPI Canadian Income Pool. The opinions, market outlook, and asset allocation strategies are those used in the design of the mutual funds they manage that we utilize in client portfolios. During the last month the… Read more »

The Value of a Financial Plan

The following is courtesy of the Financial Planning Standards Council. Financial Planning Standards Council’s (FPSC®) purpose is to instill confidence in the financial planning profession by establishing, enforcing and promoting appropriately high standards for financial planners in Canada. We are concerned that many Canadians are not receiving the financial planning help they need. We believe… Read more »

The Perspective – The Bold & The Beautiful

Spring 2013 The Perspective Newsletter from Worldsource Financial Management Inc.  Soap operas can trace their ancestry back to the 1930’s, when the manufacturers of soap products such as Proctor & Gamble first produced affairs of love and drama for the radio. By the early 1950’s, soap operas transitioned to television, and daytime TV changed forever. Propelled… Read more »