General News

2019 Federal Budget

The Federal government’s budget on March 19, 2019 introduced changes that may affect your individual and family finances. To see the complete breakdown click here.

Federal Budget 2019: Putting the Middle Class in Focus

With an election just around the corner, the federal government has delivered the 2019 Federal Budget; Investing in the Middle Class, with a wide variety of measures directed at home affordability, education, health and infrastructure.  In keeping with the government’s previous budget theme to create a “fair tax system”, new measures geared to help new… Read more »

Budget at a glance

Finance Minister Carole James laid out a mostly stay-the-course provincial budget Tuesday in Victoria, albeit, with some surprises. To see the 10 biggest takeaways from B.C.’s 2018-19 provincial budget click here.

SCC decision confirms viability of Henson trusts

A recent decision from the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) appears to confirm the viability of Henson trusts, special trusts set up for people with disabilities.  The decision, released in late January and the first case in which the SCC has considered Henson trusts, indicates that these are useful vehicles for tax, estate and financial… Read more »

U.S. Congressman introduces residency-based tax bill

A Republican congressman has introduced a bill to move the U.S. from a citizenship-based taxation system to a residency based one – and it’s receiving support from both Democrats and Republicans. To read the complete article click here