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VPI Canadian Equity Pool Newsletter

To read the complete VPI newsletter, please click on the link below: VPI Canadian Equity Pool Newsletter – May 2017 What You Own – Canadian Utilities – The longest track record of annual dividend increases of any Canadian publicly traded company.  With $5 billion in expected future investment from 2017 to 2019 in natural gas and electricity distribution and… Read more »

VPI Canadian Equity Pool Newsletter

Canadian Equity Pool Newsletter What You Own – Novo Nordisk – A leader in the rapidly growing diabetes care market What You Don’t Own – Goldcorp – People purchase gold companies. Investors do not. A Durable Business – Union Pacific – When the operating environment changes, a durable business can focus on the most profitable opportunities Absolute… Read more »

U.S. Election Update

Newsletter provided by TD Asset Management                                                        Reprinted with permission Donald turns up trumps: U.S. election update Last night, one of the more colourful U.S. presidential election campaign seasons… Read more »

Breaking up is hard to do: Brexit Update

TD Asset Management – Current Perspectives A year ago, it seemed likely that debt-ridden Greece would be the first country to exit the 28-country European Union (EU). However, that distinction now looks likely to go to the United Kingdom (UK). In the British leave/remain referendum held on June 23rd, voters decided that Britain should leave… Read more »