Product Placement

Our recommendations frequently involve the placement of insurance and investment products in order to effectively implement our clients’ plans. Hatch & Muir is an independent Financial Planning Firm. This means that we shop the market to ensure that we find the best financial instrument available for a particular need. It is important to note that it is not our intention to replace insurance or investments currently held by our clients. In fact, we include them as part of our overall review process to ensure that the holding of such financial assets is consistent with our clients’ objectives and risk tolerance. However, we will only recommend additional protection and/or changes to the investment portfolio where appropriate.

We are independent; therefore, we are not captured by or beholden to any other company or financial institution. Similarly, we do not hold any financial products in inventory. Products are sought in the marketplace and all bids are disclosed to clients as documentation in support of our recommendations. We believe that this approach is in our clients’ best interest because we are able to maintain our objectivity. We base our recommendations upon our training, experience, and knowledge of insurance and financial products available in the marketplace.