Group RRSPs

A Group RRSP is simply a collection of individual RRSP’s where employees make contributions through regular payroll deductions on a pre-tax basis. Upon completing the application form and deciding how much you want to contribute, you employer deducts that amount from your pay in pre-tax dollars as permitted by the Canada Revenue Agency and forwards it to the financial organization selected by your employer as the administrator for the group plan. Your contribution is then deposited into your own personal RRSP at the financial organization and invested as you specify.

Employer Benefits

  • attract & retain key employees
  • remain competitive in the marketplace
  • bring value to your company & increase employee loyalty
  • help your employees become prepared financially for retirement
  • enhance your current benefit package.

Please note that the employer would have no record keeping responsibility, as Hatch & Muir manage this activity on the employers’ behalf. In addition, the employer bears no fiduciary responsibility for investments results.

Employee Benefits

  • regular & systematic investing
  • dollar-cost-averaging for purchases
  • tax sheltered growth
  • contributions vest immediately
  • immediately reduces taxes paid at source
  • convenience of payroll deduction
  • deductions as low as $50/month
  • Plus,┬áthe services of an independent investment advisor

If you would like to set-up a group RRSP at your place of business or want more information please contact us.