We determine our fees based on what works best for the client.  Either on an hourly basis or on an implementation approach where we assist with the management of the assets and other products that may be needed to help you reach your goals.  If we are working on an hourly basis, our current rate is $325 per hour for our time and advice.  If we are managing assets and implementing the strategies along with the advice, we are paid a % of the assets we manage with a client.  The larger the assets the lower the fee structure, our current structure ranges from 0.5% to 1.25%.  We do not “double dip” so we are either hourly or asset management fee based, not both.

We provide our initial consultation on a complimentary basis to ensure we are able to meet your objectives, without you having to commit to the compensation arrangement before you know what best meets your needs. Once we are both comfortable with each other and determined if we are the firm to best assist you, we can define a method of compensation that works best for all and define the next steps in our relationship together.

As well it should be noted, we provide all our consolidated planning inclusive in the management fee and we do not charge any additional fees for these services when we are managing the clients assets.  It has been our experience with clients adopting this model using our inclusive approach, it provides a much more comprehensive planning model at similar or lower cost to what many clients are paying with other institutions who don’t provide all of the integrated planning advice.